Enjoy Delicous Pastries by Andrea Bakery items and Bakery Cookies, pastries, brownies, muffins and scones in grove city, pa or mercer, pa. We have Care Packages for college students, professional gifts and fundraising.  An Olde World Style Bakery with delicious bakery baked goods. You will love this Pastry Bakery. Best in Mercer and Grove City PA. Check this bakery out now!
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Welcome to Pastries by Andrea!
Pastries by Andrea is all about making memories. Remember when everyone went to Grandma's house for every important event and you always looked forward to her homemade desserts and pastries? Can you smell the sweet aromas and taste the yummy goodness? There was no place else you would rather be. 
Andrea helps bring your memories to life!
 In today's hectic world, we're often too busy for those special touches, but Andrea's Pastries can help brings that homemade love to your cherished moments.

Visit one of our favorite 
partners,  beans on broad

Joseph's in New Castle, D'onofrio's in Hermitage and Ghossain's (kolachi only) in Youngstown are proud to offer our  Kolachi, Baklava, Kisses and Clothespins year round in their bakery freezer case and on the bakery displays. 
 Get it now for any holiday or family celebration!

Pastries by Andrea for 
Christmas 2022
D'Onofrios, Hermitage PA​Kolachi, Baklava, Hershey Kiss Cookies and Ladylocks in Bakery Freezer Case & Bakery display.
Ghossain's Gourmet Mediterranean Food, Boardman, Canfield and Niles, OH, Kolachi,
Joseph's Marketplace, New Castle, PA, Kolachi, Baklava, Hershey Kiss Cookies in Freezer Case & Bakery display.
Gordon's Market and Firestone Grill, Erie, PA, 
Kolachi, Baklava and Kiss Cookies
Diane's Linen and Yarn Shop, Franklin,PA, 
Kolachi, Baklava, Hershey Kiss Cookies and much more..

Due to a significant shift in my business,
 I can only accept orders from a 
limited list of pastries. See below.
Orders must be by text to 724-967-2715 or phone if texting is not an option.
These orders can be picked up at the designated Pop-Up shop where additional specialty pastries will be available for purchase, on a first come first serve basis. Details below...
Christmas Limited Pastry Order List
Kolachi (Poppy, Walnut and Apricot) $15
Lg Ladylocks/Clothespins  $15      Lg Baklava  $15
          Cranberry Orange Pouncake$10
All cookies $10 per box or 3 for $25
Italian Wedding (Lemon)   Apricot or Rasp Cookies
Hershey Kiss Cookies          Snickerdoodles   
M&M Cookies                        Sweet Almond Joy          
Pop-Up Shops 
Orders are not necessary but encouraged .

Franklin PA Customers:
Wilson Thompson and Cisek, 
Conference Room. 
1162 Elk Street, Franklin, PA
Wednesday, December 21, 11 AM-1:30 PM
Additional pastries available for cash and carry only will include the above list and biscotti,  Cherry Jubilee, Molasses, Pecan Paulines, Butterballs, Multi packs and more on a first come first serve basis.
Youngstown Customers:
Ghossain's Gourmet Mediterainian Food. 
4559 Boardman Canfield Rd, 
Just before Sheetz in plaza on left.
 Friday, December 16, 11 AM-1:30 PM.
Kolachi Samples available
Pastries available for cash and carry will include the 
Christmas Limited Pastry order List above, and Molasses, Pecan Paulines, & more on a first come first serve basis. 
Erie, PA, Parking Lot of Gordon's Food (GFS) next door to Best Buy on Peach Street. Wednesday, December 23, promptly at 9AM.
Order Only Pop-Up Shop
Additional pastries may be available for purchase.
Shipping Options:
Kolachi (Apricot, Poppy or Walnut) Large Baklava and/or Large clothespin cookies. Any Combination of 4 of these pastries, including shipping, $80. 
Ships on December 5 or 6 or 12 or 13, 2022.