Enjoy Delicous Pastries by Andrea Bakery items and Bakery Cookies, pastries, brownies, muffins and scones in grove city, pa or mercer, pa. We have Care Packages for college students, professional gifts and fundraising.  An Olde World Style Bakery with delicious bakery baked goods. You will love this Pastry Bakery. Best in Mercer and Grove City PA. Check this bakery out now!
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 Pastries by Andrea is a great addition to your store or business. Contact Andrea to learn about becoming a 
wholesale pastry merchant. 

Pastries are currently featured at:

beans on broad  
Tbones in Wexford
County Market- Grove City, PA
Terra Nova House

Wholesale options include:

Triple Chocolate Brownies
Ladylocks (Clothespins)
Italian Wedding Cookies

Full Size Scones
     lemon blueberry, cinnamon, chocolate chip, raspberry white choc.
Let Pastries by Andrea 
help you raise money!

Welcome Band & Church Families!
Kolachi and Baklava fundraiser can help you raise funds in a very delicious way!  There are two fundraising options.  The first is the traditional order, delivery of order to seller and the seller delivers to their customers.

There is also a cash and carry option in which Pastries by Andrea sells at your concert or event and you receive 30% of the sales. It is that simple.  Most groups have found a combination of traditional and cash and carry as the best options for maximizing their profit.

Free Samples are provided to your organizations planning team and also your customers....Tasting is Believing!

Kolachi is a delicous long nut or apricot roll made with a buttery pastry and is packed full of moist nut or fruit filling; a very generous size roll.

Baklava is a flaky Syrian/Greek pastry made with fillo dough, walnuts, and local honey.

Ladylocks are a crème filled pastry made from flakey puff pastry.

Kolachi and Baklava freeze very well and come packaged freezer ready.

Baklava sells for:
 $10.00 per 12-pack...your profit is $3.50 per pack
$15 per 18-pack...your profit is $5.25 per pack

Kolachi sells for: 
 Kolachi are $15.00 each...your profit is $5.25

Lady Locks sell for:
$13 each box (16-18 count)....your profit $4.29

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18 count baklava
Poppyseed kolachi
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